Kat (Katlin) Ivy

Gilbert, Arizona

What's up! I'm Kat!

Here are some fun facts about me:

- married my high school sweet heart when I was 19! (crazy)

- i really love writing and journaling. i can't imagine a world without out it

- i played soccer from age 4 to 17

- i am currently in college for Nursing. (not entirely sure what kind of nurse yet)

- we have a cat named Sulley after monsters inc. but I don't consider myself a cats over dog person

- i am always holding or carrying a drink. whether its tea, my hydroflask or a smoothie.

- i really enjoy being creative in all different aspects. (art, writing, photography/videography, cooking, crafting, the list goes onnnnn)

- im a natural born people pleaser. something i am working on

I recreated my blog because I really love writing and I want to create a space for like minded people to feel inspired and hopeful. Because we could always use  a little more hope and inspiration. Hope you stay a while!

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