A New Year A New...

So here it is... the love letter I would write to 2019, or the new decade. The one where I thank the year for everything I have learned and all that it has taught me.


This year feels different.

I've come to realize all these love letter I've dedicated to each year were actually to me.

I was just using the numbers as a metaphor, an excuse, someone else to blame.

2019 is the year I wanted to put all blame on for how lonely it felt to me.

2018 I thanked it for all the growth.

2017 I was thankful for all the life lessons.

2016 I had so much gratitude toward the new opportunities.

2015 I was thankful for all the joy it has surrounded me with.

and so on...

When I reflect on those years time had not caused any of the pain, the joy, the lonely, the lessons, the opportunities.

Time had only been the label.

2019 I focused so hard on school I deserted my social life.

2018 I created an open mind set to all the change.

2017 I accepted my mistakes and kept pushing forward.

2016 I took a leap of faith and trusted where God was sending me.

2015 I followed my heart in almost every choice.

These love letters were written to the me and all the memories I had made that year. To physically reflect on all that I had done and who I spent my year surrounded by.

So I get to choose the tone I want to set for 2020. The things I want to spend my energy worrying about. The people I want to be around. The way I will react to situations.

I want the tone of 2020 to be bright and illuminated.

In every situation I want to have there be a light, an optimistic sense of feel to it.

Set the tone of this year.

Choose who makes you feel like your best self and be around them.

Don't sacrifice your happiness and joy.

Be yourself.

Seize the moments of solitude.

Enjoy being by yourself.

Do whatever it is you believe you're capable of. Nobody else's validation matter.

Make 2020 YOUR year. Cause its sure as hell about to be mine!

Cheers to a New Year and a New Love Letter!

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©2020 Kat Ivy


“So here it is..