Fast Paced


Wow... the amount of times I have said life is moving very fast in the last two months is almost embarrassing. But I have no other way to really explain it. Also I am reopening my blog!! I can't say I will be extremely active because my intentions on here are not really to give a lifestyle blog, or influence... I just really enjoy journaling and writing! I also am trying to decrease how long my captions on instagram  Soooo back to the fast paced life... Cole got out of the Navy in September, I began my 3rd semester completing my pre- reqs for Nursing school in august, I work 3 days a week sometimes 4, and sometimes I get really lucky and get to see my friends! Friends are the best, and life really could not go on without the gift of friendship. Cole is currently in a season of really soul searching and digging deep to find his new career path. He has some small opportunities currently, and we are so blessed to really have any options at all.       I can't totally make out what my emotions have been during this season. But I think my biggest observation has been my lack of taking time to hang out with myself. Do you ever just really crave a day to hang out with yourself? I always do. Sometimes a day to myself looks like sleeping in, doing yoga when I wake up, taking a shower that isn't rushed with an agenda waiting, catching up on shows, bible study, and eating my favorite snacks! Or there are days of retail therapy where I just want to browse target, get my favorite matcha latte or smoothie, buy little random things or a new comfy shirt and relaxing! Writing these down just had me thinking about the next day I get to do one of those. lol.. But, I feel like during those days I'm able to sort through my feelings and really let go of things that are overwhelming me. I need those days to make me a better wife, daughter, friend to those around me! And you deserve those too! Do what makes you feel happy! Treat yourself to your favorite drink or meal! Go get your nails done cause girl you deserve it! Or just even take a nap to quiet your mind for an hour!

We all deserve moments of slowness to feel refreshed! 

       ​I won't make this post very long because I'm a little bit out of practice so I feel like I could go on and on about what life's been like or all the exciting things happening in the future but Ill save it for another time. Xx

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